Concession Automobile

Customer loyalty for your car dealership.





know, what customers think about your car dealer

GOAL : Find out what customers think about you and your prestations / services. Use customers feedback to improve products and servicies.

TARGET : All regular or ponctuel customer in your car dealer shop.

HOW : Une enquête de satisfaction dédiée et innovante associant des nouvelles technologies dont une enquête par téléphone et/ou SMS, et un outil d’analyse disponible en ligne.

RESULTS : With our SASS plateform, a complet report is available online.




Most of the digivoc offer

  • Increase your branding.
  • Develop your customers audiences by retaining car’s owner and buyer who’re looking for a workshop that can monitor the quality of the vehicule.
  • Increase the efficiency and the quality of service using a satisfaction measurement tool user friendly and cheap.




DIGIVOC’s solution


Satisfaction survey




  • All your customers surveyed within 48H
  • A global indicator of satisfaction
  • Une question ouverte afin de faire parler votre client
  • Packaged aggressive pricing
  • All your prospects surveyed within 48H
  • A question about the reality of their project
  • A referral to the commercial call tray
  • Aggressive volume pricing
  • All your customers notified
  • Customers notified of an event: delivery, reminder of appointment, operation carried out
  • Ability to integrate a link to other information
  • Aggressive volume pricing